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Your position on wife's glamour/boudoir pictures

I am a woman and have or would take them and give them to husband
I am a woman and have not or would not take them
No votes
I am a woman and have not taken them but would consider it
I am a woman and have taken them but not recommend doing it to others
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I am a man and I have enjoyed receiving them or would enjoy receiving them as a gift from my wife
I am a man and I would not want to receive them from my wife
I am a man and have received them from my wife but would not recommend it to others
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby Jgtrs » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:29 am

My wife surprised me with some sexy boudoir pics for my birthday last year. She had them done by a couple. The guy was a photographer and the woman did hair, makeup and clothing. It was very hot.

However, we've also taken lots of pics ourselves while alone in hotels and overall ours have turned out better. We usually have more bad shots, but take enough that we have some that are even better looking than the pro ones.

It's my opinion that taking boudoir shots is completely appropriate for an LDS man. If you're using the photos inappropriately or sublimating the experience for something else inappropriate you'd rather be doing, then that's probably a bad thing and dangerous, but I don't see anything inherently wrong in providing this photography service.

My wife also did a "Glamour Shot" thing several years ago and while I liked the pics, they weren't really that well done. I took better ones and I'm not a pro nor do I have any pro camera equipment.

I think it's time for me to get a good camera.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby herhusband » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:24 am

We've been enjoying elaborate photo/video shoots for years. We think it's hilarious that I was smuggling a lighting stand into the Anniversary Inn by hanging it off my shoulder and covering it up with a trench coat. It wouldn't fit in the "equipment case" and we thought it would be too funny/weird to walk pass the front desk with that. But we love costumes, etc.. with all the different themed rooms there. We have "Sacred Memories" themed around several different rooms there (the Jungle Room, Egypt, Sultans Palace, etc...) We have at least 30 highly produced iMovie created movies documenting what we call "Sacred Memories." I keep it all in an encrypted folder that's not accessible to anyone but her and I. We have productions of sex on the beach on an Island that's only accessible by boat. Not telling where it is because it's our own secret/sacred spot (our own Kokomo). We have videos of bedroom escapades with different themes. It's not uncommon for us to have 3-4 cameras running at the same time from different angles so we can dissolve from one scene to the other from angle to angle and pan in and out. We put music to it. The best music we've used is anything from "Enigma". It's on iTunes and makes awesome tasteful and erotic background music. This would be hard core porn if anyone else viewed it, but it's for our eyes only so it's not porn at all. We have never watched porn (media of other people) together and I don't watch it by myself. This is a great way to enjoy the urge for erotical that remains relationally based between her and I. I have the best of the best on my phone and computer so when I'm on a business trip I can enjoy "alone moments" with her even when were not together. She has the collection on her iPad and it makes a great companion for her alone "vibrator time" when I'm out of town, or when she just wants to "think" about us before I get home. It's fabulous! We love it and it's a regular part of our life. Sometimes when we make love "the lazy way" we'll put one of our movies up on our large screen in the bedroom and just lay there. Her with a vibrator in one hand and me in the other hand... The latest production was a crazy one put to the music of Legs by ZZ Top. No one was home for once and we chased each other around the entire house. She's a good dancer and very photogenic so that is a big plus. One of my favs is "Up Town Girl" where she dances around in front of a large window overlooking a large city back east in day time to that song by Billy Joel. She's definitely my passion. I love her so much!

Warning: this can become an obsession and takes hours and hours of editing. I probably spend an average of 10 hours editing a new movie and I usually do that in less than 3 days by staying up way too late. But she's grateful for the effort and we both enjoy it. We probably make something new every couple of months.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby Momgyver » Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:45 pm

I wish we had the time, money, and expertise to do this kind of thing.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby mashman108 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:58 pm

herhusband wrote:No offense, but you guys sound like amateurs. I'm surprised at the naiveté in these posts.

As for being amateurs, in the context of sexual photos or videos, I assume that's a compliment?

I don't see any naivete in the posts here, just people reporting what they have done within their comfort level. I think it's great that you have enjoyed your own filming etc., but can't really see any need to ridicule others because they aren't as experienced or adventurous in this particular area.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby herhusband » Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:54 am

whatever. I'll edit the post. I meant no offense and you may be right, the choice of words was not the best.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby DiscoveringUs » Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:48 am

herhusband wrote:whatever. I'll edit the post. I meant no offense and you may be right, the choice of words was not the best.

I'm not offended by the term..
I would love any more tips for making movies. My husband and I do pictures, but have had bad luck with videos.. how do you learn to edit movies? The only one i have is me laughing the whole time cuz i felt weird making porn and feeling like it was wrong to do. I'm normally not that shy though as i have done photos with a photographer and had her husband edit them.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby herhusband » Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:45 pm

I guard these very carefully and do not take chances. But they're great for those nights when you're both tired and you just want to be lazy but still have some fun. We've created about 30 fairly well produced "episodes" over the past four years. I'm not tempted to look at porn because if I'm on a trip we can feel extremely close to each other and drawn near in spirit. No other generation has had this kind of gift that technology can provide. We treasure our "sacred memories" and they are not PORN at all. Porn is born of being unfaithful by turning to someone else for eroticism. Eroticism can be very wholesome when you cling to each other and NONE else.
UPDATE: We've got about 85 videos now (Oct 2017). Lots of beautiful memories recorded and protected.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby conflictedhusband » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:38 pm

This is the hottest thing, i think. i would love for my wife to embrace doing this, if for no other reason than our own personal record. I so wish I had video of us when we were young. As I look back over the photographs of our 35 years of marriage, I admit I am aroused by how hot she was in those days and how i wish i had intimate video of her dong all those things that I love so much. I see nothing pornographic in having video or photos of each other in sexual situations and so regret not having them now. Maybe they would help with my ED, as the g rated photos get me hard.
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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby hotrod1 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:08 pm

I agree it would be pretty cool if my wife would agree to pose for some boudoir photos! The only problem is you couldn’t display them in the living room, kitchen, hallway or family room. As far as that goes we couldn’t display them in the bedroom, because our kids and grandkids are in and out of our bedroom all the time. Maybe I could display them on my desk at work! OK just kidding. So in reality I would have to keep them in a hidden folder on my phone. Probably not worth it in the long run, but if suggested it I would be all over it!!

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Re: Glamour/boudoir Pics

Postby Scruffy » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:55 pm

My wife surprised me with a nice framed photo once. It was quite hot and suggestive but didn't show anything. I told her I was going to hang it on the wall of my office at work and she OK'd that. I did. Months later a UPS guy delivered a package to her at the house and asked if he knew her. She said she didn't think so. He started to leave but then turned around and said "Wait! There's a picture of you on the wall at (company name) where I delivered on another route!". She was embarrassed but a bit turned on too based on the evening we had when she told me.
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