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Breakthrough at BYU

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:04 pm
by jjp
I heard today that BYU will now be serving high-test Coca-Cola products--with caffeine (see link below). A few years ago no one would have expected BYU to partner with Victoria's Secret, where they continue to carry a line of BYU-emblazoned garments (not that kind of garment). Porgress . . . no unhallowed hand . . .

This news has prompted many to ask "What's next?" Some see beards on the horizon (with out licensure and dermatological proof of some kind of skin malady). I wonder if the next missive will announce tolerance for masturbation practiced: alone, in moderation and sans porn. What do you think? Now that the hard stuff flows from the Coke machines on campus, what's next? ... on-campus/ ... university