Sex on Election Day?

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Sex on Election Day?

Postby KSSunflower » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:48 pm

Do you think there is more or less sex being had on Election Day?

"It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover." ― Marge Piercy, “Sensuality is not a sexual invitation, it’s a depth invitation.” ― Lebo Grand,
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby likesnatural » Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:42 am

Never thought of it. I don't have any idea.
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby Momgyver » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:59 am

I think it depends on whether your side won or lost.
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby photoguy » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:15 pm

Nothing for me. She was in the first day of her red week. :evil:
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby BatsRight » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:16 pm

Probably less sex on election day.

Here's why:
Everyone stayed up late watching the results and didn't have sex that night.
Hillary won the popular vote, so obviously more people voted for her and most of her supporters are probably sad and worrying about what ills our country might now face.
Trump supporters were too happy calling, texting, and fb'ing their friends.
People who voted for neither probably weren't usually having sex on Tuesday anyway.

Maybe everyone should start having sex as often as possible... while we still can. Before Trump drives the country in the landfill.
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby Wildstar » Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:05 am

I know they've published studies about male sports fans experiencing a spike in testosterone with a victory, and a drop if they lose - having a direct affect on sex life - but for me, the election isn't that.
It's an interesting question because it seems like winning or losing an election might trigger a similar response, but I can't explain why it doesn't.
I guess the optimism or concern I feel during the election must be a different brain chemical to the one I feel watching my team battle it out in overtime. It just doesn't seem to hit any sexual nerves or boost the testosterone. Just a different emotion.
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby ChristyBA75 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:55 pm

We're already planning a big sexual thing for Inauguration day - something to distract us.
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby miamifan00 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:48 pm

Make America Great Again!! So glad Trump won!!! Thank Goodness Killery didn't get elected. She's an Evil witch!!

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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby greywolfe13 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:57 am

Too bad this board no longer has moderators. The previous post has no place on this forum.
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Re: Sex on Election Day?

Postby Jillicious » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:33 pm

greywolfe13 wrote:The previous post has no place on this forum.

Why? Do you not like Trump? Want to censor his supporters? The question inherently involved politics and sex, the result should be a discussion of both. That means that both Hillary and Trump supporters may have had sex on election day or any time after. Let me share with you the list of excitement that Trump's win has brought into my marriage.

- Nov. 8th, We both voted and Trump wins presidency. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 9th, Trump declares the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 10th, Trump celebrated the birth of the Marine Corps. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 11th, Trump celebrates Veterans Day. BUMP NASTIES to patriotic music!
- Nov 12th, Trump declares that we will unite and win, win, win. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 13th, Mitt Romney calls to congratulate Trump. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 14th, Steve Bannon as chief strategist? BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 15th, Trump begins to comprehend the value of the electoral college. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 16th, Trump declares he has taken congratulatory calls from Russia, UK, China, Saudia Arabia, Austraila, New Zeland, and more. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 17th, Bill Ford tells the Donald that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. BUMP NASTIES especially vigorously for those keeping their jobs.
- Nov 18th, Trump picks Jeff Sessions for attorney general. BUMP NASTIES really hard because Hillary should be in jail.
- Nov 19th, Still not tired of winning, BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 20th, First mention of General "Mad Dog" Mattis. LOL at Mad Dog's quotes most of the day and then BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 21st, Trump posts his first YouTube video, bypassing the press, and discusses his first 100 days. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 22nd, Trump cancels meeting with the Failing New York Times. HAHAHA! BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 23rd, Trump posts his second YouTube video discussing Thanksgiving and being thankful. Great reason to BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 24th, Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with family and wait patiently for them to leave. Then we BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 25th, Florence Henderson passed away. BUMP NASTIES in remembrance of her awesomeness on The Brady Bunch.
- Nov 26th, FIDEL CASTRO DIES! Wonderful news! BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 27th, Trump calls out Hillary on her statement of not accepting the results of an election. LULZ are great. BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 28th, Betsy Devos as secretary of Education? Hopeful end of common core? BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 29th, Elaine Chao is the secretary of transportaion & Carrier stays in Indiana! BUMP NASTIES!
- Nov 30th, Steve Mnuchin? Sure, let's BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 1st, Trump has a personal visit to Carrier. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 2nd, The democratically elected president of Taiwan calls Trump. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 3rd, Fidel Castro's jeep dies during his funeral procession. LOL HAHAHA! BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 4th, Jill Stein drops recount suit in Pennsylvania. Sounds like a good reason to BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 5th, Ben Carson as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development? BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 6th, Cancel an order for two airplanes totalling $4 Billion? Ah yeah.... BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 7th, Trump remembers Pearl Harbor. Take a moment of silence and then BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 8th, John Glenn passes away. Spend the day watching videos about his accomplishments and then BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 9th, Thank You rally in Louisiana. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 10th, Trump calls out the Pentagon fiscal waste. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 11th, Army vs. Navy football. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 12th, Trump calls out the F-35 program for wasting money. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 13th, Rex Tillerson as secretary of state? Someone with actual experience working with foreign governments? BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 14th, Bill Gates and Jim Brown visit Trump. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 15th, Trump calls out Obama on not doing anything about the Russian "hack". BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 16th, Obama finally vows action on Russia after Trump calls him out. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 17th, Trump stands up to China on taking US drone ship while Obama is silent. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 18th, Kellyanne Conway gives an incredible interview on CBS. BUMP NASTIES!
- Dec 19th, Trump secures Electoral College election. I'll be BUMPING NASTIES tonight!

DH's birthday is on January 20th. We plan on having incredibly fun sex every night through that day, maybe even more? On January 20th we are going to turn on the TV, take our clothes off, BUMP NASTIES, and MAGA all day long! So how about them apples? I've gotten sweet action every day since that great day. There is nothing wrong with supporting the president elect or with saying that America is freaking awesome! You are welcome to MAGA with me.

BTW, the H is silent in Benghazi.
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