Birth control linked to depression

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Birth control linked to depression

Postby KSSunflower » Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:38 pm ... epression/

What do you think about this? It's one of the few ways to prevent pregnancy. Does that outweigh any risks that might be associated with it?

It's not very surprising to me. If you mess with hormones it makes sense that you might affect the balance. I also know that hormones fluctuate throughout a woman's cycle anyway. What do we do with this information? Is there a way to individualize birth control instead of a one size fits all approach? It seems to me like we could but it's more work.
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Re: Birth control linked to depression

Postby Lovey » Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:00 pm

I like books and often when I go to the library to pick up a few, I browse the non fiction section.
This month's selection include one by Sara Gottfried, MD
-Reclaim Balance, sleep, and sex drive

Hormones are a big deal when it comes to feeling well.
The page on Birth control:
Advantages include effective contraception 99% if taken as properly, lowers androgens which helps with acne but may lower sex drive and painful intercourse, cancer reduction

Disadvantages include doesn't help PMS, more blood clots, lowers free thyroid hormones and testosterone, depletes B vitamins, delay conception, may cause weight gain.
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Re: Birth control linked to depression

Postby cmfray » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:52 pm

Yes Lovey - my own research and life experience with the pill has convinced me that women should be very careful using any form of hormonal based birth control. Not only does it mess with your hormones while taking them - but it also throws your whole hormonal system out of whack for a long time, and sometimes permanently. after you stop using them. I ended up having to go on bio-identical hormone therapy to re-balance my hormones during menopause because of what birth control pills did to my body. Ironically, my OB/GYN at the time that I started peri-menopause put me on birth control pills to help the symptoms I had at the time. While it did help some - it also created worse ones - and worked great as a birth control in that it totally killed my libido.

I think women need to be very careful about using hormonal birth control - and should pay attention to what their body is telling them. I never felt healthy while on them but every time I talked to the doctor, she would tell me it had nothing to do with the pills. It wasn't until things got so bad that I started researching, and found out exactly what was going on - and it turned out everything I was feeling had a direct correlation to taking the pill. The pill had thrown my body into estrogen dominance. The doctors at the time used standard hormone therapy pills to treat menopause symptoms. These pills were a one fits all treatment which did not take into account the individual's current hormone levels. Taking the HTR pill offered me would have thrown my body into an even worse imbalance state. Thankfully, I instinctively knew not to go that route, and found a doctor near me that helped me balance my individual hormones instead.

Young women are so much luckier in that there is so much more info available now - and more and more doctors are knowledgeable and understand the importance of balanced hormones in the well being of all women. Testing the individual hormones, and balancing them was a new science, and not well accepted when I ventured into almost 10 years ago. Now it is a well accepted and widely practiced field. But be warned, there are still doctors that subscribe to old theories and tell women to just buck up and deal with the natural aging process. The problem is - it is not natural at all because we have managed to screw up our bodies, including our hormones royally in very unnatural ways.

My journey started of healing started with this doctors book - Her earlier books taught me the importance of keeping my blood sugars level and cutting out processed foods and sugars, eating balanced meals, including plenty of healthy protein, vegetables, healthy carbs, and healthy fats, But even her knowledge has evolved and progressed since her earlier books.

I have found that what works best for me is a holistic approach - not just hormone therapy, but also nutrition, exercise, spiritual balance, etc. Finding a doctor that would listen to me and believe me and also subscribed to a holistic approach was half my battle. Changing my bad habits and making my new habits a life style change was/is the the other half. Old habits die hard - and sugar addictions is real!!
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