Sex and Poverty

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Sex and Poverty

Postby KSSunflower » Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:29 am

I have been thinking about how economics plays a role in our sexuality. I found it interesting that during the Great Depression sexuality in America began to really take a turn. It seems the circumstances really changed how we approached sex and marriage. See

Why do you think it had this affect? Do you think poverty has a positive or negative impact on sex? Who do you think have better sex, rich or poor? Who do you think has the best, longest-lasting marriages?
"It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover." ― Marge Piercy, “Sensuality is not a sexual invitation, it’s a depth invitation.” ― Lebo Grand,
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Re: Sex and Poverty

Postby HighDriveMormon » Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:00 am

Great topic!

When money is tight, or there truly isn't enough, I would think sex to be less frequent, playful or fun but also less carnal, wild and adventurous. I see it as more of a necessity to feel positive emotions, to bond, to forget about problems and as an escape. I imagine poverty has to have a negative impact on sex, but so can excessive money and free time as the pendulum swings too far in the other direction.

But those that have sufficient income for their needs can also focus on proper nutrition and exercise, maintaining their bodies, and spending time and money to improve sex. They can also dedicate time to sexual pleasure for the sole purpose of pleasure.

I think the key is balance and moderation. I don't think the poor have the best marriages even if they have less fights or a lesser divorce rate. Staying married could be a necessity for survival for the poor. The rich sometimes stay married for image and the finances. I think there are great marriages in all economic classes. But the highest odds of having a great marriage and a great sex life are probably among those who have sufficient income for their needs without too much, or without a focus on riches.

For my wife and I, we noticed a huge increase in both sexual satisfaction and overall marriage satisfaction when we went from a college student income to college grad income, and then when that income doubled and then doubled again. I attribute it to the fact that we had our priorities in line from the beginning with our focus on each other and our kids and other family and friends, and our love of sex. Once we had more funds and time available to devote to sex, it allowed us to really explore our sexuality and push our boundaries without losing focus of what is most important. We were able to take a 7 day exotic vacation without kids, while being fit and tan, with some sexy clothes/swimsuits, and lots of new sex toys and ideas, and had mind blowing orgasm after orgasm each and every day. Those without sufficient funds just can't do that nor experience that type of sex in most situations.
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Re: Sex and Poverty

Postby LatterDay Marriage » Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:24 am

We've had really lean times and really good times. The stress of the lean times made sex more important for me as a means of keeping my spirits up, but that same stress made it harder for DW to give herself sexually. When things were better financially, it was easier to have a mutually fulfilling sex life.

I think the point of the article was more about the depression's effect on the institution of marriage, making society more open to shacking up and family break ups. I remember watching Cinderella Man, and a scene in there where a man is abandoning his wife and kids and she is there on the sidewalk begging him not to go. It made me think that in our day and age, with morals generally much lower now compared to then, that a major economic collapse would likely unleash something a lot closer to societal collapse.
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Re: Sex and Poverty

Postby KSSunflower » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:32 am

Thanks for the comments, guys. I thought during lean times, sex becomes less of a priority as focus on survival becomes more acute. I find it interesting that during depressing times people often hold onto those precious things they have left. Even during the holocaust, some people would find ways to have sex. That is just crazy to me. But in a way, yea for them. The trend was to have less mouths to feed during the depression. Birth control was becoming widely available, which tells me that people wanted a way to have sex without it producing a child they couldn't support. In my mind, I just assumed it would be far from their mind. However, that wasnt necessarily the case. LDM said there was less focus on marriage but sex was still had by many couples whether they could afford marriage or not. Which it kind of bothers me that because of lack of money some people could not marry. But that is another topic. Anyway, I think it does cause issues and obviously finances can be a source of tension in a marriage, and stress can affect desire. But I think when a couple continues to be supportive of one another and don't let their spirits get down, they can still find joy in being physically intimate. It may not be wild, may not get to go on sexcations, but it can be passionate and bonding. For me the best marriages are those that can endure the worst of times together and keep it from destroying their love for each other. They don't turn on each other. As HDM said having those means does make it easier to tend to those things but we need to keep things in proper perspective, whether we have or have not.
"It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover." ― Marge Piercy, “Sensuality is not a sexual invitation, it’s a depth invitation.” ― Lebo Grand,
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Re: Sex and Poverty

Postby willamine » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:32 pm

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