Clitoris & Newlyweds

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Did you know about the Clitoris on your honeymoon?

Yes, we both knew the importance of the Clitoris for achieving female orgasm before our honeymoon. (If so, how did you learn about it? Please explain)
No, we found out soon after, by experimentation.
No, we found out later by reading a book/TV show, or other non-personal informative source.
No, we found out later from a friend, who told us about it.
Total votes : 51

Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby Momgyver » Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:47 am

Ha!Ha! You guys are making me blush.
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby mariabronn » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:20 pm

blushing blush
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby BruceWayne » Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:42 pm

Does anyone want to share new thoughts on this thread?
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby bosshog » Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:29 pm

I think it is more than just learning about the clit. It is the whole female sexual anatomy. I just found out that the clitoris is more than just that little spot but an advanced network of erectile tissue that can be stimulated in all kinds of ways. And how to do it, and how not to do it. DW knew all about it, and she new how to get me to do it, but I was still a little unknowing about it. So I think it would have helped a bit. But being more comfortable about sex in general would have helped a lot. We couldn't do any penetration for 4-5 days after being married because we just didn't know what we were doing. It was supper frustrating to her. Made her feel like a bad wife because we had "normal" issues that we didn't know was normal at the time.
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby HighDriveMormon » Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:35 pm

Honestly, nothing helped me learn more about the female sexual response and anatomy than researching it online, including soft porn "educational" videos, and buying a few DVD's off of Amazon, and then putting into practice with my wife what I learned. It has also been very helpful to have a wife who feels 100% comfortable openly discussing and directing me along, in addition to her being very high drive and orgasmic. It is hard to not do something right with my wife. As long as she is horny and I am not hurting her, she is eventually going to orgasm several times! But since neither of us have never been with anyone else, it is hard to judge how good we are or if we just know each others preferences well.
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby mariabronn » Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:37 pm

Isn't it great that learning about it is soooo much fun? Can't ever stop learning about the Clitoris. It's fun for everyone.
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby Wildstar » Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:56 am


Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby Allison » Wed May 06, 2015 10:21 pm

I've known about since before my teen years. I learned the same way a boy learns about his penis. My husband learned from books, friends and porn. He knew long before we got married as well. Needless to say we did not waste much time :)
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby EverBetter » Thu May 07, 2015 2:09 pm

I sort of knew about it from some books, but my wife was so terrified of doing something wrong that we did not experiment. Sexual encounters were short and unsatisfying for both of us. After some DECADES of frustration, I persuaded her to at least try a vibrator. She found her clitoris was an amazing source of pleasure. Now I think we have about six different kinds of vibrators, and she delights in using them when we make love. How I wish we had learned earlier!
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Re: Clitoris & Newlyweds

Postby Big D » Thu May 07, 2015 9:39 pm

I had knowledge of the clitoris prior to my marriage. My wife not so much. She lived a very sheltered life with parents that taught her nothing about sex.
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