Lifetime masturbation experience poll

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Masturbation experience.

A As a young person never
B As a young person occasionally
C As a young person frequently
D as a single adult never
E As a single adult occasionally
F As a single adult frequently
G As amarried adult never
H As a married adult Occasionally
I As a married adult frequently.
Total votes : 101

Lifetime masturbation experience poll

Postby be64 » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:54 am

I don’t remember when a poll like this was last done or if ever. However there are new people on the forum so I thought it would be interesting to know the what experience people here have with masturbation.
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Re: Lifetime masturbation experience poll

Postby Deusdictum » Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:11 pm

Interesting idea. For me, and I suspect many others, the categories are still fairly broad and don’t tell the whole story.

For example, I discovered masturbation somewhere around age 12 — I was curious if I could figure out what sex felt like, even though I was scared that it was a sin because before marriage everything having to do with my penis except peeing was a sin — but quit within a year or so from a guilty conscience. I never actually orgasmed during this time, but the guilt over the next 4 years led to a confession at 16 before becoming a priest. Since U had gone 4 years without masturbating the bishop sent me on my way pretty quickly. The bishop is now my sister’s father-in-law. Joy.

I don’t 100% remember what happened between then and my mission. I know I did masturbate at least once between when I went to the temple and when I left on my mission. I confessed again and a different bishop was fairly understanding. However, I only spoke to him about the masturbation and not having gone to the temple before I had confessed. So then I felt guilty about that and ended up talking to my mission president about it. But on my actual mission, I didn’t masturbate a single time during the two years.

I think I stayed mostly masturbation free during college. I discovered foreskin restoration and tried it out briefly, but stopped because the stretching exercises were getting me aroused and I would end up masturbating. Overall, from when I got back from my mission until I got married, I would probably masturbate once a month for a year, then go masturbation free for a year, then go back to masturbating once a month for a year, then go masturbation free for a year, etc. One bishop in particular was very NOT understanding.

Once I was married, I didn’t masturbate until something like 7 months after my son was born and I couldn’t take the lack of sexual release anymore — this was the start of my wife’s health problems and the sexless phase of our marriage. Until sometime within the last two years, I would sporadically masturbate. I’d maybe masturbate a few times over a month or so, then go without for a few months, then relapse.

However, once I finally got to the point where I accepted that my marriage was sexless, this wasn’t going to change, and it had nothing to do with how my wife felt about me, it opened up the doors to more frequent masturbation. Before this, I was saving my sexual energy / sex drive for my wife. Now that I know it is pointless to hold out for sexual intimacy with my wife, I feel free to masturbate whenever I feel like it (in private, obviously). Sometimes this is daily, sometimes every few days.

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Re: Lifetime masturbation experience poll

Postby Mateopourtoi » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:32 pm

For me it started when I was in the 7th grade. A boy at school talked about it and I had never heard it. That Sunday I was "sick" and tried it out. It was crazy! I had used a Gatorade bottle and I was so interested in it, I did it several times after that. I remember a spring break and every morning I would get off. I did it occasionally throughout high school, mainly when I would be so aroused and could not think straight. I remember a few times seeing some porn and me ejaculating without touching. As a missionary I probably did it a few times, again when I just couldn't handle the erection and the wet dreams just made me think about it more. While dating, we talked about it and I did it occasionally. Since I've been married I usually only do it during "shark week" (her terms!) But have thought about doing it more as the sex has decreased in recent years.

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Re: Lifetime masturbation experience poll

Postby NeverGiveUp » Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:50 pm

I do it whenever I start getting antsy. if I start looking at other women and thinking, mmm, those are nice breasts, I need to take care of it.

Sometimes I'm doing it multiple times a day, other times, it's weeks or months between. When you decide something is no longer taboo, it's amazing the freedom you can enjoy from and with it.
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