Circumcised or uncircumcised?

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Circumcised or Uncircumcised?

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Re: Circumcised or uncircumcised?

Postby Happy_bird » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:17 pm

Definitely circumcised. It's more hygienic and looks better
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Re: Circumcised or uncircumcised?

Postby TheAquaticCow » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:48 am

It's not tho. I mean just read the other comments. I legit boycott Kelloggs (The man promoted using chloridic acid on the clitoris to keep girls from masturbating). The studies on cleanliness were done in Africa and found that condoms were more effective than permanent maiming of the genitals. It's not required anymore Moroni 8:8. And reduces your risk of penile cancer by 0.5%. Unless there is a medical reason circumcision is not a good practice. It removes hundreds of nerve endings. Canadian doctors encourage parents not to circumcise. I have no clue what America's obsession is with it except for Kellog and the fear of wanking.
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Re: Circumcised or uncircumcised?

Postby ChfEngr » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:11 am

Allison wrote:Asking men if they are or aren't and women if their husbands are or aren't.

It's something I'm very curious about.

You need a life.
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